About Us
LA Downtown
Since its founding over forty years ago, TPL Communications has lead the industry in developing and manufacturing RF Power Amplifiers that go beyond merely satisfying the requirements of its customers. This focus on providing the best solutions to any customer’s application is embraced at all levels of the company. As a result, TPL has earned an excellent reputation as the premier manufacturer of RF Power Amplifiers.

In 2003, The Employees of TPL Communications purchased the company from its previous owners. As a result we have a personal commitment to expand the company’s success and enhance our long tradition of excellence in products and service to our customers.

Located in Los Angeles, TPL can tailor any of its products to fit the customer’s needs: from mass produced items to a single, specialized unit. This versatility ensures that every customer receives the exact type of equipment required to meet their specifications.

TPL’s line contains a wide variety of products including:
  Mobile Amplifiers
Base Station Amplifiers
Repeater Amplifiers
Trunking Amplifiers
Mobile Amplifier Chargers
Vehicular Battery Chargers
The demand for special types of amplifiers, including those needed for Homeland Security, continues to grow each year. To meet this demand, TPL employs experienced engineers and technicians to ensure delivery of the finest quality products.

TPL Communications has over 2,000 customers worldwide, and is proud to have several of the largest and most respected communications companies in the world as clients. These include:

Motorola / Icom / Kenwood / BearCom
Daniels Electronics / Reim / Harris / Boeing
Point Mugu / E.F. Johnson / NASA / Lockheed Marting
It is our mission to maintain an extremely efficient company, delivering high quality products, and generating growth and profitability, while providing impeccable service and best financial value to all customers.

In order to achieve this, we are as concerned with the welfare and satisfaction of our employees as with our customers